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How to Art - The basics of putting it all together.

How To Art August 14, 2020 I recently taught a class wherein we touched on the things to consider in using a photo as a reference or inspiration for painting. There were a number of questions that bubbled up after class and I thought I might expand on the subject a bit as the answers are very much a part of creating in general. On occasion we are lucky enough to get “the shot” - perfectly lit, in focus and cropped to devote the attention to the focal point. For most of us, that occasion comes rarely. More often, we...


    Thursday July 2nd, 2020   There was never a better time to begin my love affair with gardening and it’s deep seduction as the last few months. The pandemic had stopped my world in one afternoon, one out- breath. Not sure what I wanted to breathe back in, I went home and waited. The creative muse draped herself by my side each morning, empty handed and breathless. Perhaps, I thought, if i am to be home for the summer, I could start a garden? She lifted her head with a smile and pointed to the barren yard -...

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