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I've run out of lemons!

Monday, May 27,2019 Some days I just plain run out of lemons. It’s not that I don’t want to make lemonade, but sometimes, it’s just not about making it sweet. Now, it doesn’t take much to make me smile - I have six hummingbirds visit now and the mornings are fresh and scented from rain - but there are swaths of time that I have to sort through heavier things. I start noticing that I am grumpy, that I just don’t have answers and am not really engaged in what makes up my story. It’s almost like my story isn’t...

Mother's Day

 May 12 2019 It’s a lot really. The need to do and do more, to be ready and to not go under. Entirely my own doing, laundry sorting, finding that thing in the back of the fridge that would shame a skunk and of course the plants need watering. All things that feel really wonderful to do, like a stretch and a good wide yawn while running the sprint. They give me pause. They are the breaths. This morning, coffee in hand, settled on the porch with hummingbirds crackng the sound barrier with their chip chip chirps and a...

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Mother's Day
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