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About Me

My Story

I started painting at the age of twelve and have not stopped since. My first paintings were in oil and I know many of my family and friends have an original Christine landscape tucked away somewhere.

I have won several juried shows including through KVIE Sacramento oil/acrylic and Chico Art Center. In 2016 I was awarded Best of Chico – Visual Artist and my Studio 561 as third for best place to view art. It is wonderful to receive these acknowledgements as signposts that what I am doing as an artist and art instructor are making a difference in my community.

I currently teach my Step by Step acrylic paint classes at my Studio 561 in Chico, California. It is a method I have developed over the 15 years of teaching art and have found that even the complete novice is able to create a wonderful painting while learning the basics of color, composition and brushwork. While results are important, I focus on my students having a positive experience while painting, as I find this encourages them to expand their inner artist and quieten the critic.


About Me

I’ve had an ongoing tango with local television, and I’ve always looked to encourage the artistic growth of our community. In Within Your Reach, presented here, I sought out local artists and explored their craft with them, and got to try my hand at a new medium each episode!

For a few years, I hosted a weekly television segment called The House Whisperer on the CBS and NBC affiliate channels. It was a DIY home-improvement segment with a focus on local businesses and artistic solutions, culminating in a beautiful makeover in a local home.

My latest work is the Step by Step painting instruction series, currently being aired on PBS. In it, I’ll walk you through your first steps into Acrylic painting, and teach you effective techniques and good habits to apply on your own paintings!



I’ve also been hosting Travel Art Trips, where we visit inspiring locations around the world, and take the time to create something wonderful! In 2016, we visited Calistoga, California and toured the amazing home of master muralist Carlo Marchiori. In 2017, for a month, we sunny Valencia, Spain. 

I hope you visit us often for wonderful original art, classes and more!